Whether you're looking for enhanced performance from your exhaust system, better heat management from your heat shields, or you want your rims to match your frame's aesthetic, we'll find a coating solution for you. When it comes to motorcycles, we've coated just about everything you can. From muffler tips, to rims, to handle bars. Below are some of the bikes we have been fortunate to coat.


As a manufacturer, you don’t have a margin for error. You need someone who can supply real world answers to your application questions. Day after day, Jet- Hot processes thousands of parts across our production facilities in Oklahoma and North Carolina. Our expertise and capacity make us an excellent operating partner for your company.

Want to prolong the life of your parts? Do you have a heat management issue you’d like to discuss? Curious about coatings and how they might apply to your product? To learn more about how Jet-Hot’s ceramic coatings can help you move your project forward...

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