I'm out of state, can I ship my parts to a Jet-Hot location?

Of course you can!

Thousands of people like you send us their parts each year. To find out which location you should send to, give us a call at (800) 432-3379 or email sales@jet-hot.com.

Jet-Hot HQ
2611 LaVista Dr.
Burlington, NC 27215

Jet-Hot Central
400 Glade Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73127


Concerned about shipping damage? Read our recommended packing guide here.



My parts are rusted can I still get them Jet-Hotted?


More often than not, we receive exhaust parts that are already rusted. Over the past 35 years we have developed a superior process for prepping at coating parts. As long as they don't have any pits, or holes our coating will make them look better than new!



How do I get rid of oil stains?

A little elbow grease and the right medium.

If the stain is mild, first try using a clean rag and aluminum polish (like that guy to the right). If that does’t work try very fine steel wool using light circular motions. Next, try a red Scotch-brite pad with the same method. Finally, if neither of those work you can try a very fine wet sand paper.