Got Questions?

Let us know if you have any questions. Use the Live Chat window on this screen and during most business hours a real person at Jet-Hot is ready to help you. You can also call us at (800) 432-3379. Some of our most frequently asked questions are answered below.


I'm Leaning towards someone local

We get it. Buying local is often a good idea IF you can get what you need. The problem is only Jet-Hot provides Jet-Hot coatings. There are a lot of imitators out there and we've tested them all. Despite their claims, most of them fail around 900F. We get 10+ calls per week from people who went local or bought already coated headers that have now failed and need to be coated again. We realize choosing us will probably cost you a little more time and money upfront but we guarantee it will provide the best value for your performance dollar. Ask your local coater if they will give you a lifetime warranty and if they've been around for 32 years to honor that kind of guarantee.


Our goal is to get your parts back to you in perfect condition as fast as possible. We will ship your parts back within 10-15 business days for orders going classic polish and within 12-15 business days for orders going color. We will do our best to get them out to you sooner, but this is the standard maximum time. If you are in a hurry we offer RUSH orders with a 5 day polish turn time and a 7-day color turn time. Rush orders incur a 25% rush order fee. We can even EXPEDITE orders for the fastest possible turn around: 3 days polish and 5 days for color. These orders are subject to a 50% charge.



All orders for Jet-Hot Extreme include coating inside and out unless it's a part that shouldn't be coated on the inside, like a turbo. Orders for Jet-Hot Off-Road or Ultra Extreme are coated on the outside only. Of course, we can customize the order to meet your needs. Check out this video from Carbon Customs:

What if my headers are rusty?

No problem! We coat rusty headers all the time. As long as there are no holes, you'll think you just got a new set of headers. Better yet, they are still covered by our lifetime warranty.



The Jet-Hot warranty is the best in the industry. We offer a LIFETIME warranty to the original purchaser of our coatings.

A coating is designed to protect the underlying material from severe stress. If our coating fails to do that, we will re-coat the part for free. Sometimes you might just want to get a part re-coated, or you might have the part coated and then a couple of years later added a turbocharger.

If you have a Jet-Hot coated part that didn’t fail but, you’d like to get the part re-coated, give us a call. One of our customer service representatives will work with you to find the best deal possible.

This warranty is non-transferrable.

I'm out of state, can I ship my parts to a Jet-Hot location?

Of course! Thousands of people like you send us their parts each year. To find out which location you should send to, give us a call at (800) 432-3379 or email: Or just complete our order from and you'll get all the information you need: ORDER FORM.

Ready to send us your parts?

When you are ready to send us your parts just CLICK HERE. This online order form will get the process started and give you all the information you need to send us your parts.