Applying Jet-Hot Extreme 1300

Jet-Hot, High Performance Coatings provides coating solutions for aftermarket and commercial applications. With production facilities in North Carolina and Oklahoma, we are uniquely situated in the coating industry to deliver consistent and efficient service to both aftermarket and commercial customers across the United States and beyond.

Proven and guaranteed.

Although often imitated, there is simply no substitute for a genuine Jet-Hot coating. With an unrivaled lifetime warranty, Jet-Hot is the coating of choice for serious hot rod enthusiasts and exacting engineers. Our applications have been used by high performance drag racers, speed boat champions, NASA, the U.S. Armed Forces, diesel engine manufacturers and even the firearms industry. With a track record of success in the most grueling environments, it’s no wonder the market has adopted our name to represent an entire industry…”Get it Jet-Hotted!”

There’s muscle behind that mirror finish.

Jet-Hot coating applications make your parts better by enhancing performance, increasing durability and providing an eye-catching polish or color. On the aftermarket side, car and motorcycle fans love to see their shiny Jet-Hotted headers and pipes. The engineers we work with can sleep easy at night knowing the our high performance coatings are hard at work preventing corrosion and keeping heat under control.

Our advanced coating formulas provide three major advantages:


Jet-Hot can improve engine performance in cars, heavy equipment, motorcycles, personal water craft, airplanes and more. Improve your horsepower by lowering engine temperature and creating smoother interaction between adjoining, high-friction parts. Our high performance coatings reduce friction on critical components and provide the performance advantage you need to get the most out of your engine.


If your parts are subject to corrosive elements, rust, road grime, oil or extreme temperatures, Jet-Hot is the solution. Synonymous with durability and longevity, Jet-Hot provides a wide range of coating options that can prolong the life of your parts. In fact, it’s not unusual for the part to wear out before the Jet-Hot coating. Looking for serious protection? You’ve just found the solution.


We’re car people, so we “get it.” You want a high-polish finish that holds its luster year after year. That’s why serious car enthusiasts choose Jet-Hot. When they pop the hood, their Jet-Hotted headers demand attention. Get your parts Jet-Hotted and you’ll understand why our customers wish they could drive with their hoods open. Available colors include: polished, satin, dark gray, medium gray, light gray, black, forest green, red and blue.

Got a project?

Thanks for visiting the Jet-Hot website. Whether you’re working on a restoration project or researching options for a commercial application, we hope you find this information helpful and informative. If you would like to learn more about which Jet-Hot application is right for your project, please give us a call (800.432.3379) or contact us through our website. It would be our pleasure to help you understand your options, timelines and costs.