Prepping an exhaust system for Jet-Hotting.

If you’ve selected a Jet-Hot finish, it’s obvious to us that you care about your project. And you probably want to keep your Jet-Hotted parts looking and running their best for years to come. These simple maintenance tips will help you get the most out of your Jet-Hot investment.

  • When dyno testing or breaking in a new motor or valve train it is very important to ensure adequate cooling of heat-quenched coated exhaust components. Stagnant air or no vehicle movement combined with high RPM settings can result in component temperatures exceeding the limitations of the aluminum in the coating matrix. To eliminate this problem, we suggest a large fan be used to dissipate and transfer heat.
  • To maintain a beautiful finish and prevent corrosion for years to come, periodic maintenance of the coating is required. We recommend periodic cleaning of your parts to remove road grime, salt and oil from the coatings and any non-abrasive aluminum polish for heavily oxidized or stained coatings.
  • Stains such as oils, transmission fluid and antifreeze can be easily removed with fine steel wool or Scotchbrite™ (red) and any non-abrasive aluminum polish. After removing the stains, polish to a high luster with the aluminum polish and a soft cloth.
  • Colors other than polished aluminum require special handling when installing. These are all top-coated systems and the pigments can be very soft in nature. Although tougher than paints, they should be handled with the same care. Remember, all of Jet-Hot’s top-coated systems protect against corrosion and thermal fatigue.
  • Unequal fuel distribution or advanced spark timing can result in extreme EGT’s (exhaust gas temperatures) which will exceed the temperature limitations. Make certain all cylinders are functioning properly. Static-time your engine prior to starting it up for break-in. Please call or email our technical department with any questions at 1.800.432.3379 or
  • Do not use any kind of caustic solutions to clean your Jet-Hot coated components. A variety of chemicals are being used on race tracks and highways today, so make it a habit to occasionally wash off your headers.

Our coatings are guaranteed, no-nonsense applications. If properly maintained, your Jet-Hot protected parts will provide you with years of service and satisfaction.