Before and after with Jet-Hot Extreme 1300

The Jet-Hot Extreme 1300 series is our most popular coating among aftermarket customers. It provides exceptional heat management, prolonging the life of your parts while enhancing performance. But Jet-Hot fans are perhaps most enamored with the eye-catching finish they see when they pop the hood. Available in classic polish and multiple colors, the Jet-Hot Extreme 1300 will hold its luster year after year. And with an unrivaled lifetime warranty, why take the risk with anything other than an original Jet-Hot finish?


  • Corrosion protection
  • Heat management
  • Withstands skin temperatures of 1300F
  • Our coatings come in a variety of colors and effects.
  • Graphics can be added to further customize your project.

Click here to see samples of various color options we have available

(Please note the colors below are for demonstration purposes only and are not representative of an exact finish match.)