Jet-Hot customers span a wide range of industries and interests – aftermarket car enthusiasts, sponsored racers, application engineers and government agencies. But they all have a common interest – getting the most out of their parts.

Our “Three P’s of Coating” listed below provides a simple outline that explains how Jet-Hot helps your parts perform better and last longer while maintaining a showroom finish.

1) Performance

  • Reduces under-hood temperatures
  • Improves thermal efficiency of the engine system
  • Maintains uniform temperature throughout the exhaust system
  • Improves the performance of the heart of the vehicle
  • Provides more useful horsepower by reducing the mass of the reciprocating components

2) Protection

  • Keeps the engine compartment cooler
  • Extends the life of neighboring components
  • Improves thermal oxidation protection at higher temperatures
  • Reduces parasitic drag losses
  • Reduces the friction properties where lubricants are intended to stay
  • Improves cooling efficiency and aids oil drain-back, where lubricants are intended to shed oil
  • Reduces surface profiles using friction reduction fluoropolymers
  • Provides protection up to 2,500F (Jet-Hot Extreme 2500 series)

3) Polish

  • Provides a clean appearance
  • Available in a variety of colors and finishes
  • Unlike chrome, Jet-Hot’s silvery finish won’t blue
  • Stays bright and true for years
  • Easy to clean

We invite you to explore the various coating options and applications, then contact a Jet-Hot representative to discuss your specific project.