What types of surfaces does Jet-Hot coat?

Most metal components can be coated for improved corrosion, thermal management or appearance. Woods and plastics cannot be coated.

What are the major benefits of coatings?

Depending on the environment that they are used in, coatings can provide multiple benefits for the part.  In most cases, coatings are used to improve thermal management and increase engine efficiency.

What makes Jet-Hot coatings better than other coatings?

Jet-Hot’s high performance coatings are continually improved by our engineers, chemists and select development partners. This continuous improvement is a fundamental element of the Jet-Hot culture, which drives better performance for our customers.

Why does Jet-Hot offer different types of coatings?

There is no one-size-fits-all coating application. We match the coating type to the environment in which the part is used. For example, we might recommend a particular application if the goal is ultra-high heat tolerance and a different coating if the goal is moisture retention. In other cases, the goal of the application is simply to improve the aesthetics of the part.

How do I know which Jet-Hot coating application is right for my part?

Start by identifying the main reason for coating: thermal management, corrosion, performance, appearance or a combination of requirements.  Then start a conversation with Jet-Hot by phone (800.432.3379) or email sales@jet-hot.com We’ll be happy to discuss which coatings would work best for your application.

How long does a Jet-Hot coating last?

Jet-Hot coatings are warrantied for life. That’s the best warranty in the industry. Click here to learn more about our warranty. Be sure to keep the surface clean to keep your coating looking its best. Click here to learn more about coating maintenance.

Does Jet-Hot fill in pits or scratches on metal?

Coatings are a thin film applied to a cleaned part. While coatings can provide an attractive finish, blemishes such as pits, holes, vice marks and anything generally deeper than the width of a single hair will still be visible after the coating is applied. In the event that parts arrive with surface conditions that are deeper than the coating will cover, Jet-Hot will provide the best practices to ensure your parts are protected with the same level of quality that a new part would receive.

Do coatings come in different colors?

Jet-Hot’s high performance coatings come in a range of colors: black, light gray, medium gray, dark gray, blue, green and red. Please note that not all finishes are available in all colors.