What kinds of parts can be Jet-Hotted?

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Just about any metal can be coated as long as it can survive the thermal cure process. Jet-Hot regularly coats engine headers, valve covers, exhaust pipes…even grills and bumpers. Examples of things that can’t be coated are gaskets, o-rings, plastic spacers, etc.

What types of surfaces does Jet-Hot coat?

Both the inside and outside surfaces can be coated with most applications. The colors are only applied to the outside and direct view areas of your parts.

Do coatings come in different colors?

Jet-Hot’s high performance coatings come in a range of colors. Click here!

Is Jet-Hot a Powder Coat?

No, Jet-Hot coatings are ceramic or ceramic-metallic coatings that are sprayed on the part in a liquid medium. Powder coatings are electrostatically applied powders that are then melted together under lower heat conditions. Powder coating will not survive the high temperatures that Jet-Hot ceramic coatings will.

Is chrome the same thing as a Jet-Hot coating?

No chrome and Jet-Hot are not the same. The Jet-Hot polished finish is a ceramic coating that provides corrosion protection, thermal management and a silvery shine that, unlike chrome, will not turn blue at high temperatures.

How long does it take to get my parts coated?

From the time we receive your parts, the Jet-Hot process takes approximately one week. So factor in your shipping time, add a week for our coating process, and you’ve got your turnaround time.

What happens to my headers after they are received?

Your headers are identified with a unique work order number and cleaned to the white metal substrate, masked (as required to protect threads, slip fit joints, etc). We then grit blast the parts to further remove any oxides and improve the adhesion of the coatings. The parts are then coated, cured and either polished or returned to masking for a second cycle with a color coating. When the finishing is complete, your parts are inspected, packaged and sent back to you.

How much does it cost to have my headers coated?

Common Jet-Hot applications can range from $180 to $700. Pricing depends on part size, coating type and shipping costs. Our aim is to provide affordable coatings without cutting corners. That’s how we’re able to provide the strongest warranty in the industry.

How do I get my parts to you?

You can ship your parts by Fedex, UPS or other common carriers. When packaging the parts it is important to insert sufficient padding and a cardboard buffer between parts to protect them during shipping.

Can I drop off and pick up my headers at one of your locations?

We are always delighted to have our customers stop by one of our plants to drop off their parts.

What is your warranty?

Jet-Hot’s lifetime warranty is the strongest in the industry. Click here for details.